New housing, but not for all


The definition of affordable housing continues to be redefined by the Cobb Planning Commission and the commissioners. Cobb has long pursued strategies to eliminate low and middle income housing and apartment communities in favor of high end housing developments and economic districts. This has resulted in a paucity of affordable housing options in the county for new teachers and other professionals just beginning their careers. New housing planned for Commissioner (Lisa) Cupid’s district, for example, at Burrus Lane near Chattahoochee Technical College’s Austell campus and between Hicks and Floyd and Glore each with selling prices at well over $250K to $400K, says a lot about who the county wants to live here because options for truly affordable housing is being limited if not eliminated.

It is understood that south Cobb has long been forgotten by development and building the tax base is an approach that the BoC and others endorse. However, it can come with unanticipated ramifications on segments of business and employment with pay scales similar to that of our teachers and millennial professionals at the early stage of their careers. I hope it is not too late to extract commitments from developers to “set-aside” a portion of housing alternatives that appeal to families who cannot afford a $1,700-a-month mortgage payment.

I refer to customer service, first responders, health care providers and other service workers our economy.

Lawrence P. King


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